Experience Australia

A trip to Australia can be anything you want it to be. Yes, it is a long way to travel ‘down under’ but we can offer vastly different climates and experiences in the one country.

Australia abounds in a wealth of nature-based tourism attractions. The landscape is rich in diversity of terrain and climatic conditions with many areas having achieved World Heritage listing. There are rainforests teeming with unique wildlife, deserts, alpine environments, thousands of kilometres of coastline with deserted beaches, national parks, romantic small villages and a relaxed lifestyle. Australia’s food and wine is among the world’s best with an emphasis on regional cuisine, seafood from the many seas surrounding the continent and fresh local produce. South Eastern Australia is a big wine producer with just about every state having many small vineyards most of which are open to the public, often with restaurants and cafes attached. Australia is also home to one of the oldest indigenous cultures in the world.

Different climatic conditions across the continent also provide a variety of experiences, and itineraries can be tailored to seasonal conditions. It is possible to ski in August and a day later be relaxing on the beach in far north Queensland in the tropical warmth.

The cities provide a sophisticated travel experience. Sydney and Melbourne are large urban centres but are very different from each other. Sydney is glitz and glamour; Melbourne is the elegant queen of the south; both have many attractions and dining opportunities. Brisbane is semi tropical with a relaxed riverside lifestyle. Adelaide is dry and warm in the summer and close to some renowned wine producing areas. Canberra is the nation’s capital and the seat of government, but is rapidly becoming known as a centre for art and culture with a hip restaurant and bar scene. Perth has a distinctive west coast lifestyle with beaches, wine regions and nightlife. Darwin is the most northern of the larger cities and has a distinctly Asian feel and a tropical climate year round. Tasmania is an island state to the south of the mainland. Primeval rainforests, mountains, wilderness trails and spectacular rivers make Tasmania a must see destination in its own right.

Regional centres are not be missed and provide a range of experiences from a relaxed coastal interlude to fine dining, wine regions, art and culture and opportunities for walking, cycling and many other outdoor pursuits.

Ballooning, Melbourne: Image of Melbourne, Victoria courtesy of Tourism Australia and Time Out Australia. Photographer: Roberto Seba.

Melbourne by night: Image of Melbourne, Victoria courtesy of Tourism Australia and Time Out Australia. Photographer: Roberto Seba.