About Us

Rosalie Bent is Australian. She has worked for many years in the tourism industry in Australia at both the policy and grass roots level. Specialising in nature-based tourism, Rosalie has worked in mountain resorts, in accommodation services, in national parks and city centres.

She has designed tourism plans for the City of Melbourne, worked to create better visitor experiences in national parks and forests, designed strategies for encouraging tourists to visit mountain areas year round, worked in the ski industry (yes, Australia does have one) and worked for government agencies to promote low impact and nature-based tourism in Victoria, Australia. She continues to be active in the alpine tourism industry and travels extensively and regularly throughout Australia.

Rosalie and her husband, Raf Sluismans, like to get away from the mass tourism attractions and discover a whole range of different experiences. We don’t ‘rough it’ as we also like to come home to a glass of wine and an interesting restaurant. Raf is Belgian and runs a business consultancy company in Limburg. We have a home in Australia and enjoy travelling in both Australia and Europe.

Header: Image of Corinna Wilderness Experience, north west Tasmania, courtesy of Tourism Australia. Photographer: Graham Freeman.